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Tattoo Vanity (again)

By Soyconfessions @nerdie
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tattoo vanity (again)
Coco Fashion
tattoo vanity (again) Black Leather Platform Wedges, $19.06 tattoo vanity (again) Black Leather Lace-up Shoes, $19.22
Okay so the Acne wedges came out like 3 years ago. But Coco Fashion is still able to deliver on-trend items at far reasonable prices. The site offers a style more focused on Korean and Asian fashion on the whole, but you can definitely mix and match pieces from Coco Fashion with "westernized" clothing. Coco Fashion keeps its selection casual and toned-down, which makes the clothes versatile and great additions to any closet. The online site also offers a wide variety of shoes and bags.
tattoo vanity (again) Double-Breasted Pleated Korean Fashion Dress, $13.13 tattoo vanity (again) Pacman Sweatshirt in Black, $9.65 tattoo vanity (again) Vintage-style Denim Jacket, $11.55 tattoo vanity (again) "Is military style still in? Whatever, I look good." Jacket With Epaulettes, $17.55
tattoo vanity (again) tattoo vanity (again) I actually have 1 more ear piercing on my left side but I don't like wearing it in most of the time. I'm lazy. (I've got 4 piercings on my right ear.)
I'm heading downtown today with Nancy. Um we don't know exactly what we're doing (as usual)... She's staying the night. Slumber parties FTW. I can't wait to see her.

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