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Tasteful Childrens Decorations for the Home

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Decorating the kids room/s… Some of us find the idea of decorating a worrying and stressful event, let alone having to add energy, color and where possible learning elements to the room. Some of us however look forward to decorating and actually enjoy coming up with a color scheme, sourcing materials and getting their hands dirty.

Whichever group you fall into; decorating a child’s room can easily spiral out of control. Clashing colours mixed with loud patterns and a mix match of furniture can leave you wondering whether it was more suitable before. Like any room in the house, time needs to be taken to plan schemes and co-ordinate furniture.

Unfortunately even the most style conscious among us can create an eyesore for a child’s room. For this reason we have decided to promote some tasteful and relatively simple children’s decorations; from which you can get interior design inspiration. Hopefully this inspiration will rub off on the new room’s inhabitants.

World map mural

Painting on your child’s wall anything other than the default room color more often than not will look unprofessional. What’s more, whatever you paint will more than likely date or go out of fashion/favour just as quickly. If you are going to paint on a wall consider painting a monotone world map, painting over the base coat in white always looks good. A world map not only looks great but it is also educational (as long as you get the continents, countries or cities correct!).

Door decorations

The door is often the last thing to get decorated in a child’s room, if it gets decorated at all. However there are some really fun options available. Your best bet is to buy ready designed and cut transfers from any number of websites. Let the overall room theme dictate the content of the transfers, if you are using an animal theme go with animals etc etc. Be sure to consider the inside of the door as they will be looking at it more than the outside (and don’t pick anything that could look creepy).

Door handles

Sticking with the door theme; we propose updating your child’s door hardware to something more child focused. Most new door knobs are as exciting as their name suggests which makes them easy targets for an overhaul. There are a lot of options available if you look around; our personal favourites are handmade woolen sleeves and a glow in the dark light bulb design.


If you aren’t confident enough to attempt a mural but you really don’t want to leave your child’s walls plain then wallpaper is the route for you. There are literally thousands of different design concepts available, however a massive percentage of these are garish and cartoon based. Instead look for wallpaper that compliments your overall concept. Wallpaper can be very expensive, especially if you have a large bedroom so perhaps choose a particular wall to accent. The options are pretty much endless when it comes to wallpaper.


Why should family photos be resigned to adult areas? Most children I know love looking at old holiday photos or family portraits. If your child is really young, having family photos could actually help them feel more comfortable in their new room. Perhaps purchase a digital photo frame and upload fun family photos or perhaps include animals or dinosaurs (whatever the theme is). Digital photo frames can be set to timers so you don’t use too much power and also double up as pretty good night lights.

Educational rugs

The rug market for children has really taken off in recent years. There are rugs available now for pretty much any theme and in any shape or size. The key is picking one which interests your child but that also compliments the interior of his/her room (not always very easy). The first step is to decide on a concept; do you want numbers, spelling, animals or any number of educational options to be the focus? Secondly think about colours and styling and finally think about size and shape. Rugs help protect your carpet or add softness to hardwood flooring.


These ideas on tasteful decorating for children were brought to you by Nick Williams. Nick works for Yale Composite Doors who manufactures energy efficient, U-value compliant composite front doors.

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