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Tarmac and Sweet Potatoes

By Sue15cat
Tarmac and Sweet Potatoes
We're almost there, yes the end of all this building work is finally in sight.
I'm in Manchester today spending the day with Mum, and while I'm away the workman are laying the tarmac on all the hardcore that is now leveled .... and looking slightly better than it was a week or so ago.  It's a huge area and it's costing us a small fortune to do, but hopefully once done that will be it.
First thing this morning just after they had arrived I walked the dogs around the paddock, their first constitutional of the day, by the time we got back a three foot strip of hot tarmac covered the ground between the paddock and the roadway by the polytunnel, the nice guys lifted Rosy and Suky over the steaming hot black stuff while I carried Mavis, I was fine I had my wellies on  :-)
Now the dogs are indoors and I am about to set off, by the time I come back in a few hours I should be greeted with a completely different looking area ..... hopefully!!
Tarmac and Sweet Potatoes
The garage now has it's concrete floor, and work is just about to start to paint the interior of the workshop in brilliant white to maximise the light in there.  
Tarmac and Sweet Potatoes
Once funds allow, the outside of the workshop will be clad in wood to help the whole structure blend better into the land it sits on, for now it will have to stay as it is.  The whole thing has taken just over six months, and I never want to live through this sort of thing again.  
I'd rather move house!!
Tarmac and Sweet Potatoes
To soothe my frazzled nerves I've been tucking into good old simple foods, like this wonderful bowl of mashed Sweet Potato, with two chopped spring onions mixed in and stirred through with slightly more butter than you would think necessary.  Topped with a few tomatoes straight off the plants in the polytunnel it made for a deliciously comforting, and very filling quick tea last night.
Sue xx

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