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Tangled Vs. Princess & the Frog

By Miss Cellaneous @MsCellaneousBl
Hey there, blog fans! Recently, I've seen the new Disney Princess movie, Tangled. I've found many reviews on it, but only one pessimistic one. The comments on it argued that "Princess and the Frog was better" or vice versa. I personally loved both movies! I saw them both on my birthday. I saw PATF on my birthday in 2010, and I saw Tangled this year. I must say that I had a better reacton to Tangled, though. Being the net-picker that I am, I'm going to add my own argument.
Tangled and PATF: two COMPLETELY different movies. Both have fun elements, nice characters, and great music. However, I think Tangled, itself, is a better family-friendly movie because it doesn't have any dark voo-doo/hoo-doo stuff. It is pure fun and like the magic Disney shared before Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers.
Granted, Tangled has its down-sides, too. The beginning is a little over-the-top in fairy-tale mode, because of how it unfolds. A speck of the sun falls down to the earth, produces a magic golden flower, old hag finds it and makes herself young again by singing to it- with a song NO ONE KNOWS, so you have no idea how she learned it.
The music in Tangled was great! It was generally pretty interesting lyrics, with the exception of "I've Got a Dream". While catchy, it was a little redundant. Suddenly, all of these tough pub-thugs break out in song, revealing their soft sides, with dreams of like being a concertina, becoming a famous chef, etc. I LOVED "I See the Light", even though it has a small reference to Aladdin.
Yet, in PATF, all of the music the music was catchy, but sort of redundant. New character- suddenly: song to introduce himself/herself.
That brings me to the next aspect: Characters. The male and female lead roles were different personalities. Naveen was a lazy prince who is carefree and does absolutely nothing except party and flirt. Flynn, he's quite the complicated character. He isn't AS full of himself as Naveen. His conceitedness evaporated sooner than Naveen's did. The female leads- that's a different story. Tiana has grown up with the notion that the only way to get things in life is through hard work. She is a stronger character than most of the other Disney princesses have been. Rapunzel, she's weak (sort of) because the evil step-mother has been babying her for eighteen years! She has no idea what the world is like, besides what Gothel describes as "evil and dangerous and scary".
I think that Tangled's character's love-life was more realistic, because, at the end in narrator-mode, Flynn says that it takes several years for Rapunzel to agree to marry him, while Tiana and Naveen got married soon after the drama with Facilier went down.
Now for the endings: PATF had a sort of cute ending. It ended with the fire-fly being a star like "Evangiline". Stars was a sort of theme in PATF, which I really didn't get. Tangled's ending was alot more sad because, technically, our hero "dies" to keep Rapunzel from being a prisoner forever.
I found the ending of Tangled to be overall better than PATF's because it shows more love between Rapunzel and Flynn than with Tiana and Naveen. Naveen is cool, but I don't think he'd give that much of a sacrifice for Tiana. While Naveen was about to give up marrying his true love so that she could have her dream, Flynn gave his LIFE. I find that more of a devotion- just my opinion! And, plus, Flynn admitted that Rapunzel WAS his dream, and Flynn was Rapunzel's dream. I  just found it more romantic.
Now, completely random, I want to talk about sequel possibilities.
For PATF: While there is a more open-ended possibility for a good plot-line, there is one problem: It didn't make as much money as Disney expected. Here's how sequels work: Movie company makes movie. They spend money making that movie. They earn profit from ticket sales, and DVD sales of that movie. If they don't make a worth-while profit though, the company won't want to make a sequel out of it and waste more money on a project that was a failure in the beginning. If there is a sequel to that movie, it's more than likely to be straight-to-home video, so that the company doesn't lose profit off of theater costs. So, if there was a PATF 2, it might be straight to dvd. Also, there is another thing to factor in that I will discuss in...
For Tangled: There isn't much of a possibility that a Tangled 2 would have a very good plot, unless there was a huge plothole. Also, there is the aforementioned fact about the money thing. Disney spent ALOT of money on this movie and aren't making much of a profit on it. Also, they have announced that Tangled would be their last princess movie. I have no idea whether or not that is permanent or just for now. While we want movies to have sequels, it all depends if the people who make the movie think they will make money off of it.
So, that's what I have to say on the matter. Abinata!

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