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Aand We're Back to Doing Nothing in My Computer Class. My...

By Miss Cellaneous @MsCellaneousBl
Aand we're back to doing nothing in my computer class. My teacher's computer had been fixed, so we should have been good to go this week, but it broke down again. Oh, well.
I've, as usual, taken the time to write. I know I should be working on more original things, but stuff like fan fiction is easier and sometimes more fun to write. Like, right now, I am working on a pokémon fan fiction. The trainers from both games I own, X and Alpha Sapphire, meet up and adventure together. The main conflict is over how a splinter group Team Aqua is after the trainer from AS to get Kyogre, so she ran away to Kalos to stay with her cousin, my trainer from X.
It's supposed to be a continuation of another fan fiction I started but still have yet to finish. I like writing pokémon, because I love it in general, but feel guilty doing so when writing is supposed to be what keeps me focused on things other than pokémon, so it doesn't become the only thing I ever think about. But, it's hard to write other things, when I rarely have a good original idea, and when it's more fun to stay in the world of pokémon, and my trainers, Christina and Lane.
Hopefully, today's prompt in Creative Writing class will get my mind off pokémon. I mean, there's nothing wrong with pokémon, per se, but it shouldn't be the only thing on my mind at any given moment. I swear, if I didn't force myself to write, and hadn't given back my borrowed copy of AS -which, ironically, I have back now for keeps- I'd have played pokémon non-stop all summer. Granted, if I did that, I'd already be the champion of Kalos, but for now, I'm taking it slow with X, until I get more into writing.
Not that I don't enjoy writing. I can't believe I forgot how much I liked it! If I ever stop for such a long time again, you all have the right to send me a long-distance virtual slap. Multiple times.
Anyway, gonna go. Byes!

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