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Tammy Meyers, Looking for Trouble with a Gun, Getting Herself Killed

Posted on the 19 February 2015 by Doggone
Enough of THIS mentality on our streets and highways:
Tammy Meyers, looking for trouble with a gun,  getting herself killed
Beware people who project themselves falsely as victims.
As more information comes out, we're seeing that with the shooting of Tammy Meyers, and we've seen it in the past with other gun-huggers.  Tammy Meyers was a vigilante, who instead of reporting a situation of concern to the police, went looking for trouble, found it, and as a result, she died.
I'm reminded of the Vigilante shooting Vigilante in Utah, where both ended up in jail, and instead of one person dead, one of the two vigilantes ended up in a wheelchair.  Both men claimed to be the good guy with a gun going after the bad guy with a gun; but the reality was that neither was a good guy.  In fact, both ended up in the same prison, for a variety of convictions.
Now, in Las Vegas, we find that pattern repeated.  Like George Zimmerman in Florida, going out looking for Trayvon Martin, going out looking for trouble, Meyers found it. And apparently now Meyer's son is claiming that it was an ok thing for them to go out looking for the other guy with a gun, but not for him to do the same.
Those initial reports make no mention of the road rage guy having a gun initially, or when they found him. It seems apparent they went looking for him with a gun, which was threatening conduct, and then try to claim they're the injured party when he does the same.
REALITY CHECK -- they were both wrong. That one person died, and that neighbors were put at risk is the result.
From WDAZ 8:
Police say the victim and her son pursued the suspect following an initial encounter, possibly escalating the situation.
Overnight, continued grief and outrage from the family of Tammy Meyers.
Robert Meyers/Victim's husband: "She never did nothing bad to anybody."
Firing a "volley of rounds" at Meyers, the son firing back, evidence of the exchange of fire in a nearby wall.

One more example of the flaw of stand your ground, one more example of the grossly mistaken and dangerous notion gun-huggers hold of self-defense aka vigilante-ism.
They're a danger to themselves, they're a danger to all of us.
POSSIBLY "escalating the situation"? No, definitely escalating the situation.  She went out with her son and a gun, not a plate of cookies.  There has been no reported calls to 911 or to the non-emergency police of the incident.  She and her son were being lawless vigilantes, pure and simple. 
THAT is looking for trouble, and THAT is doing something 'bad to somebody'.  That is being as much a part of the road rage as the other guy.
And like the obverse of the golden rule, when you do bad to others, you are at risk of others doing bad to you.  Or put another way, what goes around comes around, and in this case it was a bullet type round.
Not only was this stupid, not only was this a morally and ethically and legally BAD thing to do, IT PUT OTHER INNOCENT PEOPLE AT RISK.
Let me repeat the pertinent part of the news coverage:
Firing a "volley of rounds" at Meyers, the son firing back, evidence of the exchange of fire in a nearby wall.
No. Wrong. BAD.
Time to make gun ownership more restricted, more difficult, and to require liability insurance so as to put some checks and balances on these gun lunatics.
And time to arrest Tammy Meyer's son for his part, as well as the other shooter, and the hell with the we're victims whining. THEY are NOT victims, and neither is Tammy Meyers.  They're just collateral damage of a failed gun culture and failed gun culture myths.

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