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Talking About Sex

By Erikalust

I found this great drawing on Violet Blue’s blog in a post about Sex Tech. It reminded me that although sex is everywhere we look, the real sex, the sex that people have everyday is still full of questions and thus it might be difficult to talk about it, especially when you’re a teenager and you want to look like you know about it, even when you really don’t.

Everyone is to be interested in sex ed. The internet isn’t always useful since it’s full of paranoid forum discussions, stereotypes and simply false information, and the media in general send wrong messages about sexuality. As a mother and  porn filmmaker, I think the important thing is to let kids know they can talk about it – they are teenagers but they’re not stupid – and nobody’s going to judge them.

Anyway it’s good to be assertive and open about sexuality, but it’s also good to understand that it might be difficult for others to talk about it, so no pressure.

What is/would be your approach to talk to kids about sex?

Talking about sex

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