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Tales From The Underworld - Voice 003 (The Machine)

By M00kyst @mookyst

The world is a place....

The world is a place....

Ya know it's pretty funny, because the world, it's a place where you exist without justification. You don't, need, a reason, to exist. You just do.

But what kind of world is it that we live in where you can be anything bad without justification. Because nothing needs justification.

We all make choices. We all live with these choices. And there's no way you can blame anyone. You can do what you want. You can, exist, in your little world, and you can choose to live how if you want, but remember that when you fuck up, it's you. It's all you. It's all on you. You can't go crying to anyone else because you chose to be where you are.

And you may never have wanted to be there, right? People don't always wanna be where they are. But they are. And they're there for a reason. And you can bring supernatural shit into the equation if you really want to. But, it's not even close to necessary.

Why? Because yeah, everything DOES happen for a reason. No shit sherlock. If some kid, 21 years old, ends up dead on the streets due to a drug overdose, that happened, for, a, reason. And it wasn't 'God', it was because he lived like an idiot.

But we live in a world that wants to justify bad habits and sinful ways despite the fact they can't be justified. And it's funny, it's really fucking funny. The world contradicts itself. It fuels the shallow way we live, yet it constantly laughs at us for going along with it. It says "Here, you can live like this if you want to, but will you? Yes." and then it fucking bursts out laughing like it just cracked the best joke in the whole. Fucking. World. And it is the best joke in the whole world. It's managed to trick everyone into living a certain way. What a joke.

The world is nothing but a giant fuckin' advert. It's consumerism gone mad. It's overtaken everything. It's how we live.

People flock to the latest this, and the latest that. And they love it. Consumerism just plays on our lust. And desire. And greed.

That's all the world is now.




And hatred and rage too. You can't forget those.

And lust and desire are neutral. They can be good, right? I desire you. I lust over you. But they're still shallow emotions and they're a great example of the way this planet has become.

We try to justify how we live. But there is no justification. And there's no point. There's no deeper meaning. We're grabbing at straws.

It's a dismal hole.

It's like life with no soul.
It's a distant future that holds no goal.
We're losing this fight. We're losing our purpose.

But there is one emotion, actually, that keeps us grounded. Love. It reminds us, that we're human. That we are capable of deeper feeling. That actually, our purpose, what we desire, is to love. We all love someone. I do. You do. She does. He does. Everyone. And it's this feeling of love that reminds us that we're people of emotion. That really all of this superficial rage and hate, all of this fake desire and lust, it's just a coverup. It's just what we've turned the world into.

And it was always us.

The world is a place... 

The world is a place...

The world is a place, where every decision made is the fault of the person who made it. And the world is only like this, because we chose to make it like this.

Don't believe me? Wade through all the fuckin' crowds in the mall and flick through one of the hundreds of magazines to see a small example of just how big this machine has gotten.

And without love, the leash would come undone.

We'd be gone.
We'd be lost.
We'd be living without cost.
We'd be surviving on a dime.
Living to a chime.
Walking like we're stoned.
Fucking around and getting boned.
We'd have nothing.
Nothing to pull us back.
Our consicences would be fucking black.
Nothing at all.
Nothing there.
We'd be dry.
Well, I'd prefer to fuckin' die.
Than live a life with no love. With only the all consuming rage and hatred for the world to keep me afloat.

You see, without the leash, without love, the machine would explode. Overload. Overcome to the immense pressure it's under.

And we'd all collapse. Even more than we have already.

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