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Tale of Two Suvivors

By Chelseajmartin

Coronation Sussex Cockerel

Early this spring we lost a brood of chicks and a fantastic broody bantam brahma to a horrible raccoon attack. We had three survivors in the brood- one coronation sussex, one black marans, and a bantam white crested polish. Turns out… at least two of the three were cockerels.

So we’ve watched them grow up and start to crow. We knew we had more roosters than we want to keep. (We really only want one) And ultimately decided it was time for these survivors to go.

It makes me feel slightly conflicted- these guys

Marans Chick
survived a horrible incident and look beautiful but we had planed to use our growing roosters as food.

This morning, the coronation sussex and marans were dropped off for processing. It seems like just another adventure of small flock raising…

(These pictures are from May 2012)

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