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Taking a Step Back

By Sue15cat
Taking a Step Back
Our living room revamp is done and now we've had a few weeks to get used to it I can honestly say it's the best thing we've done for a while.
The old look was crisp and fresh and suited us at the time, but this new look suits the house and how we use it day to day.  You don't know this when you first move into somewhere but you learn and adapt as time passes. 
As you can see from this selection of photos we didn't rush the process, deciding instead to do it in stages.  The chimney breast was wallpapered with our bargain buy brick effect paper.
Taking a Step Back
The rest of stage one was a quick coat of white paint on the ceiling, walls and woodwork.  It didn't need doing anywhere except round this window where the rain had poured in the other year, but you can't do one spot and leave the rest .... unfortunately  ;-)
The large low bookcase that used to stand under the pictures on this wall was no longer needed after our big book sort out of last year so that went out into the workshop leaving us an expanse of floor space temporarily occupied by this diddy lamp bearing table.  We had a plan for the space but we had to wait for just the right thing to come along.
While we waited we used our car boot sale profits from last year to pay for a fitted carpet, the chilly laminate and ever shifting rug just had to go.
Taking a Step Back
But it wasn't too long before just the right thing appeared in our local second hand shop. 
A small drop leaf table that holds the lamp we have lit every night.  It can be used for one or both of us to work on with one leaf up or for impromptu meals in the cosy living room if we don't want to eat off our laps.  It also matches in perfectly with the age of our cottage ... and with my Nana's little bedroom chairs that I have always loved.
Taking a Step Back
The next piece of the puzzle was a new comfortable sofa and matching chair. 
Not to the age of the house this time but bought to add a lovely retro pop of color to the downstairs, which luckily fits in quite well with our beloved green at the back of the fireplace and on the built in cupboard doors.  As you can see from this photo and the one on here the other day, the animals approve of the new cosy furnishings, although if you look closely you will notice we have bought some cheap matching fleeces to put on the seat cushions to protect them from moulting furry bodies. 
Taking a Step Back
The fireplace wall was finished off with the return of ...
Taking a Step Back
... the flying Pugs.
Now resprayed a more Pug coloured creamy color instead of their former brilliant white which jarred with the new 'brickwork'.
  Our overall plan was always to go back to the age of the house a little bit more, it is a relative youngster compared to a lot of our neighbours houses but at well over a hundred years old it's nice to give a little nod to it's past with some cosy touches.
Sue xx

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