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Taking a Little Leap

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
Etsy. Such a great place full of imagination and talent.   I have always wanted to have an Etsy shop, not quite sure what it was going to sell though.  Then a few weeks ago, as I was doing what seemed as a pretty normal "camp" activity, making friendship bracelets; I realized hey I make these well and super fast...and have added gems to them.  Then it hit me...with a little push from R one of my campers...this is what I could sell and share with the creative world of Etsy. So there it is people, I have opened an Etsy shop, with embellished friendship bracelets, made custom to order. 
I am kinda nervous about this, what is no one buys one?  Meh, whatever I will then just be the proud owner of a ton of friendship bracelets,  I do work at a camp in the summers, so its it's not that weird right? 
taking a little leap So as I said they are custom to order.  You pick out which and how many colors you would like!  I know how to make other types of patterns, but they don't look as good with the embellishment, but maybe they will be added in the future. And for a small amount you can have your own...or for a friend! 
Get yours HERE

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