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Take The Road Less Traveled

By Janmcinnis @janmcinnis

That’s not only the name of a popular book,

but it’s a philosophy for finding humor. One of the shows I performed at this week was for 600 women at a church. The crowd was so big that they turned the men’s room into a ladies room. . . and guess which one I used?

Here I am at the Comedy Show w/600 friends!

Here I am at the Comedy Show w/600 friends!

Right, the men’s room line was

shorter, but it also gave me some good material. Namely that there is a baby changing station in there. Who knew? I joked that sure there’s a changing station in there, but IT’S NEVER BEEN USED.This got a huge laugh and applause. Apparently many of the mom’s could relate.

I had also walked around the “Peddler’s Village”

that afternoon. It was a quaint (or trying to be anyway) little village, and I popped into several stores. . .that gave me a great line as well when I mentioned that the word peddler drums up images of an old man selling CHEAP stuff. Not so much. Everyone “got it” when I said the word cheap. . .as this town’s stores were not cheap.

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