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Take Care of Yourself

By Comowater @Como_Water

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Each Monday, Tiffany posts a message that provides positive energy and tips for eating more mindfully. The purpose of the weekly message is to reinforce the ideas from the talks and classes that are a part of the Como Water Membership, and to further support those living the veg-centric lifestyle. To receive our Mindfulness Mondays posts, Become A Member today.

Take Care of Yourself

My past few Mindfulness Mondays posts have been related to recent current events around (in)justice. And how could they not be? When an issue hits home, pierces your soul, and invokes a deep sense of empathy, we must share. For if we do not, it can eat us alive.

And yet, we must also remember ourselves

Whether consuming our friends’ Facebook news feeds, reading or watching the news, protesting in the streets, organizing with human/civil rights groups, or just overhearing folks’ conversations on our way to work, we are being affected by the events of the world around us. And when these events increase in salience, we must be particularly vigilant in attending to the self.

I’m not talking ego here. I’m talking presence–with ourselves. Mindfulness. Check-ins. When we watch the news, what happens to our heart rates, and how can we moderate? After we attend a protest/march/rally, what do we eat? When we read the comments of a blog or overhear people talking about current events that involve tragedy, what happens to our emotional selves, to our breath? And how is all of this exacerbated by end of the year craziness, holiday shopping madness, upcoming travel, colder temperatures?

Take a second today to check in with yourself. To breathe. To recognize our interconnectedness. And to realize that we are nothing to the cause if we are sick, or tired, or bitter. We must revitalize the self, be caring to the self, and in doing so, we can be the best us for others.


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