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Take Care During Holi and Keep Your Kids Safe with These Top Tips!

By Shwetashetye
Take care during Holi and keep your kids safe with these top tips!

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Holi, the festival of love and colors is celebrated all across our country with great zeal and enthusiasm. Everything about holi is just very holidayish – the colours, the gujiyas and puranpolis, the malpuas and the water filled pistons. As Holi is near, the excitement in our kids knows no boundaries. Care during Holi is so so important especially with toddlers around.

So, let me narrate what happened last year and why care during Holi is important. My husband loves this festival and in the fervor went ahead and rubbed some color on my son’s cheeks. This was an act of pure love by a father unable to control pinching those round cheeks. But, the aftermath was our son’s face full of red spots thanks to the allergic reaction to the color. Since then, I am extra cautious about what I make him wear or put on him before we venture out.

These are just some must follow tips that I religiously follow every Holi:

Don’t let the kids out of your sight

Make it a priority that there’s someone keeping an eye on your child at all times. If you are using a water tub, make sure it is taller than your child. Children are known to be mischievous, you may never know they may want to take a bath in the colored water and risk drowning.

Use only non-toxic or homemade colors

As a mother who herself has sensitive skin, I cannot stress enough on the usage of natural colors. The chemicals in the artificial colors can cause havoc for your child’s skin. Avoid using Abir as it has mica flakes which might not be good for your child’s skin. Try making some homemade non toxic color using this tutorial. So gonna try it this time!

Play Holi with close friends

Playing Holi with a handful of close friends and relatives is always a good idea especially when you have children. They will be careful when playing with your child and you can always ensure that good quality color is being used. Plus, if they are elderly in the group, you get an extra pair of watchful eyes on your kid as a bonus. This though remains a mandate till kids just grow old enough to take care of themselves or just plain enter teenage


Rub petroleum jelly on the face and oil in hair

My son has sensitive skin and I swear by this trick. Rub petroleum jelly on the face and exposed body parts liberally to avoid color sticking to the skin. A night before Holi, ensure that you rub lots of good old coconut oil on your loved ones hair to avoid that ridiculous look-i-am-a-chicken hair. Children should always be made to wear long sleeved tees and full pants.

Ban Holi with eggs

Always discourage your children to play Holi with anything other than colors. Playing Holi with mud, eggs, tar, and gutter water can lead to some serious infections.

Keep colors away from mouth and eyes

Little children like to taste everything new they see. Be extra cautious when it comes to younger kids. Ingesting the colors could cause vomiting or worse poisoning. If color gets into the eyes of the child, they should be washed thoroughly with water.

Be prepared for emergency

Keep your pediatrician’s number and the number of your nearest hospital ready. No matter how much of caution people practice it is impossible to contain every incident. So, stay alert and act immediately when the accident happens.

I never enjoyed Holi much, but that does not mean my kids don’t enjoy it too. The only favorite part of the festival were the sweets and chillaxing the whole day. With little toddlers and kids in general, this festival can make you anxious. But, try telling your kids why this festival is special so they can create memories for a lifetime


Those were a few tips I am going to follow for my child’s safety in Holi. Hope, they are helpful for you too. Wish you a very joyous and safe Holi.

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