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…take Advantage

By Zer @the2women
…take advantage

...home-field we need it? clearly not, but we sure will take it.

Home-field advantage.  It’s one of the more coveted possessions (yes you possess it) in the world of sports.

Possibly second only to that which it is an advantage towards attaining: a championship.

As the World Series begins this evening this advantage will once again be put to the test.

Although the Cardinals have thus far proven (and the Phillies and Brewers can attest to) that they don’t need no stinkin’ home-field advantage, I’m the first to say, it never hurt anyone.

Of course home-field advantage is  something that is earned throughout the season and reflected in postseason play.

…until you get to the World Series and then its determined by one game, played months earlier by players on teams no longer in the running, that doesn’t count for anything (aside from determining who gets home-field advantage in the World Series).

It’s a ridiculous ploy aimed at getting more people to watch the All Star Game and buy more merchandise made for the All Star Game, and it works, very well.

It isn’t fair, it isn’t right, it isn’t cool, and the American League generally comes out on top, so I suppose I’m a little bitter, but it’s still not cool.  I could go on…

Needless to say, normally, I’m not a big fan of this process, but his year (miraculously, and ironically–thanks Prince) my team benefited, and anything that gets my Cardinals an advantage is all right by me.

Squirrels, turtles, home-fields, home-runs, whatever it takes…Go Cards!!!


“Fact and Fiction in Postseason Baseball”: USA Today 

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