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Take A Closer Look at Reverse Logistics

Posted on the 17 August 2012 by Ryderexchange

Companies are looking for efficiencies within their supply chain. One area which is often overlooked is Reverse Logistics. Unlike forward logistics, it is characterized by uncertainty of supply; no one can easily predict which products are coming back, when they’re coming back or in what condition they’ll arrive in.

Effective Reverse Logistics

Adding to the complexity is the customized nature of reverse logistics supply chains, which operate under company-specific rules that can vary for thousands of different SKUs. However, when managed correctly, Reverse Logistics is an area of opportunity.

An effective reverse logistics operation can increase the speed and efficiency of:

  • Recovering products
  • Inspecting products
  • Testing products
  • Dispositioning or reselling returned products

This will ultimately provide companies with an additional revenue stream.

Watch the video below to learn more about how an effective reverse logistics operation can help your organization’s bottom line.

What happens to your product after the point-of-sale is as critical to both the customer service and profitability as the activities required to bring your product to market.

Source of Revenue Recovery

As companies look for ways to drive costs out of the supply chain, reverse logistics services provides a perfect opportunity. This is especially true as manufacturers wrestle with challenges like more flexible retail return policies, shorter product life cycle, increasing fuel prices, downward price pressures, and a growing focus on sustainable business practices.

However, reverse logistics is not a core competency for most companies. That’s where Ryder can help. With some 30 million feet of warehouse space, 1,700 carriers and 3.8 billion dollars of freight under-management, Ryder is at work in 7 vertical markets helping transform reverse logistics from a cost of doing business to a source of revenue recovery.

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