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Tackle Winter Dryness

By Jennifer @jennynov23
Tackle Winter DrynessFive winter life savers that hydrate and rejuvenate dry skin, hair and lips.
Even though I rarely step foot outside lately (I have a newborn, its -39858, there's way too much snow, etc.) my skin, hair and lips have still been suffering dearly this winter. Maybe its my age, or stress, but I feel like this winter has been particularly brutal in the dryness department. Are you with me? Thus Ive been searching for and stocking up on products that have hydrating super powers. With any luck there is only a good month left to this torturous weather, but who are we kidding? There is still tons of winter left and therefore taking care of your skin and hair appropriately is still a concern. Here are my findings from the dreary winter of 2014/2015 (so far).
1. Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo
phyto shampooMy search for a hydrating shampoo began back in December (yes it really took that long to find a suitable one). The issue with most "hydrating" shampoos is that they target the hair follicle, or the ends, which is great and all for shinny hair, but what about the scalp? I found that during the end of my pregnancy my scalp was peely, so, so gross and embarrassing. I tried several other quite pricey shampoos before discovering PHYTOJOBA, from Phyto. This shampoo is rich and creamy and truly intensely hydrates and softens hair from the scalp all the way to my split ends (that's another issues all together). Its super power ingredients include Jojoba oil, Soothing cornflower and mallow flowers (40%) combined with a cleansing agent formulated with coconut oil. 

2. Nuxe Comforting Cleansing Milk With Rose Petals
cream cleanser for face
I know what you're thinking, rose petals?!? Yeah, rose petals! It was actually hard for me to get on board with this product because its a "cleansing milk", and I was skeptical of its cleansing power based on that. You don't lather this product on and rinse it off, you just smooth it over your skin and it absorbs in while moisturizing, then you tone. I was doubtful whether this would actually clean my skin, but it really works! The bonus, which is the reason why I forked over cash for this cleanser in the first place, is that it super moisturizes while cleansing, it doesn't dry out your skin like soapy cleansers do, because its waterless.

3. Saje Natural Wellness Rejuvenating Elixir
saje natural wellness
If you follow me on instagram you may know I am OBSESSED with Saje right now. When my skin started itching back in January I went straight to Saje and requested something to rehydrate my poor sad skin. This elixir is a nourishing serum that rehydrate dry and mature skin. Of course like all Saje products it contains plant-derived essential oils and base ingredients.
4. JASON Calming Lavender Hand and Body Lotion
lavender body lotion
While in a health food store searching for Raspberry leaf Tea I discovered Jason. This cream is botanically rich, non-greasy and delivers long-lasting hydration. it contains Vitamin C, E and Kukui Nut Oil and of course Lavender which soothes skin. I apply this stuff from head to toe right before bed which contributes to super moist skin of course but also helps me fall asleep, since Lavender is your friend if you're looking for some help getting shut eye.
5. Smiths Minted Rosebud Salve
mint lip balmA cult-favorite, you can find Smiths lip balms everywhere these days. Even at the book store. I was buying a children's buying a book at Chapters when I noticed the tins on the check out counter last month. The last thing I needed was ANOTHER lip balm but its hard to resist when they place them strategically right beside the debit machine (more on that this week). Turns out that this unsuspecting, little tin is the most powerful hydrating lip balm in my arsenal. Apparently you can also dab a bit on dry elbows or knees to condition and relieve dryness AND its an  excellent remedy for diaper rash.  

So there you have it, my 5 winter dryness life savers. Have you tried any of these products for yourself? Do you have your own tool kit for winter dryness? If so do share your secrets.

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