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Table Wine Rack: Height Functionality

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

Table wine rack: height functionalityIn the spirit of our homes comfortable decor, the ability to form and function to combine goes a long way to make our work much easier. And for those who have smaller living environments, including furniture that has a dual function can be extremely useful. For those who drink wine as a hobby and buying a table wine bottle wine rack love you can show beautiful and still work very effectively.

one bottle table The choice depends largely on your personal style, for reasons of space and budget. A small wine rack shaped table in a corner and several bottles of wine hold to maximize vertical storage space and provides. The flat top surface provides additional space portion of the drink. For additional storage, choosing a wine rack table, the place for a few pieces of glasses and Extra for bar offers a bottle opener.

If you have more room to work, and a table wider lower botellero can serve many purposes. The more space for more bottles than its smaller counterpart, this special wine dressing table, also served larger horizontal table and enjoy a cocktail. A wine rack table of this type can also be a drawer can store barware accessories effectiveness.

Also be sure to take into account the overall style of your home, if you select a table wine rack. Manufacturers offer designs of all kinds - old and contemporary and eclectic country. The materials of the individual table wine rack are very different, and - solid wood of all kinds, metal and wrought iron. Pick a wine rack table according to your needs so passionately work on wine and how the respective table in your room such as furniture and decorative element.

Start searching for the perfect wine rack table to explore local hardware stores, furniture stores and superstores showing a variety of household products. You will find a number of styles, sizes and prices so do your homework before buying.

A beautiful wine rack table can sophistication, organization and functionality, which allows you to display your wine with the style of your home.

White varieties are as different as apples and oranges

With all the wine bottles on the market, it is no wonder that people often have no idea what they like and what they dislike. Many times in the past, I found myself as a bottle of wine to have no idea of ​​what was a little white wine. With so many is the grape used in wine, it is easy to confuse. We hope that this will help bring some confusion in the bay when it comes to knowing the difference between the white varieties comes.


Undoubtedly, a strong medium grape, Semillon comes from the Bordeaux region of France, although today the region that title, since most success with this grape, except the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales in Australia he holds. If you can often (and rightly) say that the wines Semillon lack youthful flavor are dominated, always they tend to have a fairly full body and be low in acid. It is for this reason that Semillon a "second" wine grape makes wonderful wonderful flavors in the mix. Semillon works well when mixed with the known loner, Chardonnay, without sacrificing the aromatic delicacy what wealth and weight. This does not mean that Semillon alone does not make for good wine. Semillons in general, is a variety that is drunk after a few years.

Chenin Blanc

Origins in the Loire Valley in France, Chenin Blanc grapes have a high natural acidity and an extraordinary ability to reach the mold Botrytis, he wants to suck water from the grape. It is because of these properties, which are the Chenin Blanc grape so versatile and in all types of wines ranging from sparkling, sweet and dry used. The flavors are similar to those of a Sauvignon Blanc; Herbs, green apple and gooseberry. A little known fact for some people who believe that white wines should be consumed within the first two years of thought is surprised to learn that Chenin Blanc tastes better for ten to fifteen years.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc tends to be one of those grapes that love or hate. A lively wine tasting and minerals that originated in France; the flavors of this grape a variety of adjectives discussed. These descriptions range from passion fruit, mint and basil with asparagus and freshly cut grass, even. It is that these wines are fresh and very refreshing and a bit complicated their ability paired with food is amazing. Food products goat cheese crustaceans all great games with Sauvignon Blanc.


Chardonnay comes in all shapes and sizes and is cultivated worldwide. While some complain that this variety is quite boring, there's a reason why it is the variety most commonly used in the world. From this diversity easily tear down its roots in almost any soil, flavors and fragrances are very different. In the southern hemisphere are peach and mango flavors of pear, pineapple or bananas. However, grapes very different northern hemisphere delicate citrus lemon, with nuts, salty and sweet spices.


Muscat is a sweet grape that many forms throughout Italy occurs Spain Australia. Because of this diversity, it is difficult to identify specific taste or aroma of Muscat. Sometimes you can detect apple, pear or flowers in some of the lighter wines, while the more robust wines Muscat chocolate or coffee can.


I do not think there is a better way, the Gewürztraminer (GER-Vertz TRAMINA) grape sum in the quotation from Matt Skinner, author of "Thirsty work" where the inspiration for this article comes from. Matt says: "How and drag queen large with too much makeup, too much perfume, Mega high heels and very little shame, this diversity is the member of the family of white grape extravagant bearing, but unfortunately, it also serves as !. one of the varieties uncool in fact, it's just the world to say that if they carried out a Gewurztraminer, it would be socks, sandals and a camel brown suit safari Test the rule. - except that much more difficult to say that Chardonnay, even it seems a bit tasteless. And that's the problem. "

This can be a very correct way to describe this list Alsace because the flavors of this variety, some of the most daring and extravagant are, but that does not mean this is a bad grapes by any means offered. In fact, it is actually not so bad! These grapes are usually have flavor and aroma reminiscent of ginger, rose, lychee and cinnamon to name a few and because of the low acidity are rich and a lot of weight in the mouth giving a taste much. Perhaps the reason why this grape makes a great party with sweet food, sweet and sour spicy like Chinese or Thai.


Table wine rack: height functionalityAnother sub historically valued grape of Germany. Often people complain that this variety is too soft and try to avoid all costs. Only in recent years that this grape as a game reinjected with seafood and dishes with Asian flavors. The best Riesling has aromas of citrus, flowers and spices, while the flavors are lemon and minerals. Super Dry Riesling are very popular today, while the best examples expensive are actually Riesling dessert wines and sweet late harvested ice. It is also interesting to note that other white Riesling grape drink so do not worry about a bottle age 20 years old very good!

Pinot Grigio / Pinot Gris

Pinto Grigio and technically as Pinot Gris. Pinot Grigio in Italy plantation was focused northeast, while the Pinot Gris from his home in Alsace produced in France. Pinot Gris is a French expression of flavor and light some fat and fat times will often delicate and fresh wooded barrels. On the other hand, Pinot Grigrio (which means the same as Pinot Gris) is usually stored in steel tanks and drinking while she is young and dynamic light. Once more, she said Matt Skinner better, these varieties as their "separated at birth and raised in different countries twins."
Although these are just some of the many varieties of white grapes, which are undoubtedly the most popular of the group. Each variety is unique in its flavor and aroma and they are simply regarded as an individual. Not all whites are the same and should not be drunk all white wines are old, but all whites should be enjoyed.

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