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Symptoms of Pregnancy

By Cbhojwani

When I was pregnant I was inundated with numerous side effects and symptoms including the usual bloating, clumsiness and heartburn. I also suffered from a serious bout of forgetfulness. I struggled to remember almost everything when Mr.B suggested wearing a collar with our home address and phone number! Thing is, pregnancy symptoms aren’t limited to the woman as couvade syndrome, also known as sympathetic pregnancy, is a real thing. Mr.B does his best to persuade us his gut is a result of couvade but we’re unconvinced. However, it seems during my pregnancy he did suffer one symptom, and how! One morning we were making our way to the hospital for a check and on the way, Mr.B stopped at the post office and then at the pharmacy before meeting me at the surgery. He walked up the two flights of stairs, entered the clinic, filled a cup of water and began walking towards me. A expression of confusion blanketed his face as he seemed to have developed a slight limp. He took a few more steps and confirmed this sudden limp. Quite perplexed he stopped in his tracks and looked at his feet.Symptoms of Pregnancy Yes, he wore a different shoe on each foot and had been walking around London for a good half an hour before figuring it out. Mr.B blames this blatant instance of forgetfulness on his ‘sympathetic pregnancy’. We know he just had a ‘Duh’ moment!
Marriage Tip 59: To share, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health and in pregnancy!
Welcome to our unforgettable marriage! 
Symptoms of Pregnancy

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