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SwimTalk with Kayley Anne of Sidewalk Ready

By Swimsuitsdirect @Swimsuitsdirect
Interview about women's swimwear

Kayley Anne: An Incredible Fashion Blogger for Sidewalk Ready

A fashion leader is someone who influences the styles of not just their followers and readers but one who can have even the smallest influence on the fashion industry as a whole. At we are always looking to work with and learn from these fashion leaders. That’s why we’re doing  our ongoing fashion blogger interview series called SwimTalk.

Our fashion and style blogging interview of the week is none other than Kayley Anne creator of the fabulous blog Sidewalk Ready. Throughout the archives of Sidewalk Ready, you’ll find hundreds of affordable outfits suitable for everyday women. Her style is modern and very chic. And thanks to her background in photography her images are gorgeous. It’s easy to see how much inspiration she gives her readers just by browsing through their comments on her outfits.

1) What drew you to the world of fashion?

Just a natural interest. Clothing has always been a passion of mine, especially when it comes to dressing myself. Starting my blog felt very organic and it’s been easy to maintain because it’s something I love.

2) Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

I often am inspired simply by online shopping. I love to see current trends by viewing new arrivals, lookbooks, and the styling done by those working for big clothing companies.

3) How do you think the regular fashion industry influences the swimwear one?

I believe that swimwear is very affected by the regular fashion industry. On-trend colors and patterns are very relevant to swimwear, as well as any trend revivals. I’ve especially noticed a shift in swimwear when it comes to one-piece suits as well as high waisted bottoms and I think this is due, in part, to the fashion industry embracing a sense of nostalgia these days.

Sidewalk ready swimwear

Kayley’s Simple yet amazing Beach Style

4) What are your thoughts about clothing shopping online vs. shopping in an actual store?

I think that there is a definite appeal to shopping in-store when possible. It definitely helps to try items on before purchasing in order to establish a strong sense of confidence when it comes to spending a clothing budget. However, there are far more options when shopping online and many shops are now offering free two-way shipping which really reduces the risk when making online purchases.

5) Any advice for online swimwear shoppers?

Knowing what style of swimsuit is best for your body type is very important. This can be accomplished by trying on suits of different shapes in the store beforehand, or ordering multiple styles from a retailer with free shipping. After you know what style suit looks best on you, shopping online should be much easier. Also, have a good sense of your measurements so you know what size is best for you in each brand you are considering.

6) How many swimsuits do you own? How often do you get a new swimsuit? And how often do you recommend getting new pieces?

I own somewhere around ten swimsuits. I try to purchase a new suit every year. I often will purchase another at the end of the season if I find a really good sale! I think getting a new suit annually and rotating it with other suits you already own throughout the swim season is adequate.

7) The great swimsuit debate, solids or prints which do you prefer and why?

Both! The last few suits that I have purchased have been printed but I would say that my collection is about half and half. My more modern suits with interesting cuts tend to be fun prints, while I have some very classic solid suits as well. They each serve their own purpose!

8) What is your favorite style of bathing suit?

I really love a traditional brief bottom with a bandeau top. I find them to be comfortable to wear and move around in. Plus, no bad tan lines!

Fashionistas on a budget

Her inspiring styles are great for fashionistas on a budget

9) Who is your favorite swimsuit designer and why?

My most recent swimsuit is designed by Mara Hoffman and I love the cut and print. Another brand that I really like for a more simple suit is Seafolly.

10) What are your favorite beach or poolside accessories?

A simple cover-up, a great beach bag, and a pair of statement sunglasses.

11) Does where you are headed determine what swim outfit you would wear? Would beach wear be different from pool wear be different from resort/cruise wear?

Not necessarily. I tend to choose which suit to wear more on what activity I will be doing. For example, the suit that I wear to go surfing would be very different than the suit I would wear to a pool party. Function is key!

12) Where is your favorite beach?

My favorite beaches are in Malibu. I love the coastline there!

13) Describe your perfect poolside outfit.

A fun, printed bikini and a hat with a wide brim. Making a statement, but protecting my skin!

14) What advice do you have for finding the ideal swimwear?

Stay in line with your personal style and what you feel most comfortable in. If you wear a lot of neutrals, get a neutral swimsuit that fits impeccably. If your style tends to be more playful, trust that get something a little more modern and fun. Whatever you wear on a regular basis should influence the type of swimwear you choose.

15) Many women and young girls often feel insecure when it comes to wearing a swimsuit what advice do you have for them to strut their stuff and put on their swimwear with confidence?

Get something that fits well. Don’t settle for a suit that you can’t move around in without feeling self conscious. Embrace the parts of your body that you like the most and find a suit that emphasizes them. Don’t dwell on imperfections. Everyone has them! A swimsuit that you feel awesome in will last several seasons. Don’t be afraid to splurge for the right one.

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Seafolly Bikini

Shimmer Slide Tri by Seafolly

Bikini by Raisins

Hollywood Underwire-kini by Raisins

Women's Tankini

A Different Beat Tankini by R Collection

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