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SweeTango Apples + Recipes

By Jeska @WandererJeska

sweetango applesCan we talk apples for a minute? I love Granny Smith apples (they are all that I buy) but recently Stemlit Growers sent me their SweeTango apples and I am hooked! If you’ve never heard of SweeTango apples then let me fill you in. SweeTango apples offer an eating experience that’s part sweet and part tangy. The apples are a harmonious blend between the sweet honey and citrus flavors of the Honeycrip and the spicy mildly tart Zestar apples.

I have never tasted a better apple in MY LIFE! The flavor blend is perfectly fitting for my taste buds and the bite is crazy crunchy. Crunchiness is everything for me. As soon as an apple gets the slightest bit soft, I toss it. And to be honest, I ate a couple then we went out of town and I forgot about them. Two weeks later we were going to toss them but I was like eh, I’ll try a bite anyways. They were still fresh!

You might think I’m crazy but then again you probably haven’t tried a SweeTango apple. I have a new found addiction to a different apple for the first time ever. Last night I even went SweeTango apple hunting and found them featured as “Apple of the Month” at Fry’s. Locally, you can find SweeTango apples at Bashas, AJ’s, Fry’s and Walmart. 

sweetango apples
The only sad part about these apples is that they are only available now through November. Its such a short time frame but I will be soaking it up and purchasing as many as I can possibly eat. But the upside is that every fall instead of looking forward to pumpkins, I’ll be looking for SweeTango apples.

Though I love eating apples by themselves, I stumbled upon these recipes and couldn’t help but share them with you all. So do yourself a flavor and go grab some SweeTango Apples and fall into autum recipe heaven!

Apple Nachos
Vanilla Coconut Milk Caramel Apple Crisp For Two
Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria
Apple Shrub
The Ultimate Apple Pie
Grilled Cheese Apple Sandwich

Have you ever tried SweeTango apples? What are your favorite apples?

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