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Itching to Go

By Jeska @WandererJeska

After being abroad, returning home a few months ago to assist my family with health issues, life is slowly returning to normal again. It means I can return to my other home shortly where a new adventure begins. In the next phase of life, I’m returning north to sell my house after being ‘stranded’ in Mexico during the pandemic. Unable to return north due to a closed border and a European boyfriend unable to return either home or to Canada, we’ve settled our life in Mexico. Our plan was to travel but COVID changed our plans.

Soon we’re hoping for the all-clear for the health-issues and with an offer on the table for someone to watch our critters (we’ve watched my mom’s animals since COVID happened, so she’s paying us back to watch my guys so we can begin our travels again!)

Despite ‘returning home’, this is actually going to feel like a trip since it’s been so long since I had been home. But it will be full of a lot of work to ready not only one house for sale but to move a family member into another and downscale through decluttering. It’s something that needs to be done. I’ve learned to live with very little the past few years!

To end the summer, we’re planning a trip to Spain (Santiago de Compostela), Kashubia/Poland and Czechia while my mom watches the animals for us. After that, we’ll return to Canada, pack the jeep up and return back to Mexico!

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