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Sweet Scents.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
well good morning and happy hump day! we've made it through the first part of the week! only half more to go. today i want to chat about perfumes. each morning, no matter what, i always make sure i give myself a little spritz before i walk out the door. there are always fout go-to perfumes that i rely on. yes four, to me that kind of sounds like a lot, do you think so?
sweet scents.
first : second : third : fourth
these four scents, i just can't part from. and yes, there is britney spears perfume in there (don't hate)! i find myself always leaning towards cirtus/tropical smelling perfumes. the smell automatically makes me think of some place warm and beautiful. can't pass up getting a little lift in the morning, especially around here during the usual dark and snowy winters. do you have go-to perfumes that you wear? what type of scents do you lean towards?

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