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Sushi Hachi: Too Good For Me…

By Foodobyte @foodobyte

Sushi Hachi

Three. That’s the number of times that it took until I successfully landed a table at Sushi Hachi. This well-known Japanese restaurant never fails to pack a full house every service, especially since they only open during dinner hours from Tuesday to Saturday. It’s run by a husband and wife duo; husband handling the sushi bar while the wife serves the front of house.

Cup & Tea

Fasha and I started off our meal with some BBQ Squid, which was really bland in and of itself. The only thing that really lent any flavour to this sad squid was the sauce. Nevertheless, it still couldn’t compensate for the lack of smokiness.

But, this place is called Sushi Hachi – not Squid Hachi.

Sushi Nigiri

We ordered a bunch of nigiri sushis: wild sockeye salmon, toro, tamago and some other one (forgot its name). I’m not sure if it was because of the whirlwind of hype swirling around this place, but I was disappointed. It tasted okay, but not so fresh that I would flip in excitement.

Although, I must give credit to the rice, which was done immensely well. It was soft, warm and meticulously pressed just enough to hold its shape.

Cup & Tea

You must be wondering where’s the rest of our meal… Well, the chef personally came out to tell me to stop taking photos. Why?

His peculiar rationale was that there were several blogs that “misled” new customers into thinking that Sushi Hachi had a kitchen, which they did not. As a result, customers arrived at their tables expecting items like chicken teriyaki and left disappointed. More importantly, those new customers were taking up so many reservation spots that his regulars could not come.

What? Clearly, this chef is just so busy that he doesn’t need any new customers. Why bother dining at a restaurant that doesn’t appreciate you…

Final Bytes

  1. Sushi is just okay
  2. Impossible to dine here without a reservation
  3. Won’t be coming back

Foodobyte’s Rating

Sushi Hachi: Too Good For Me…

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Sushi Hachi: Too Good For Me…
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