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Surrendered Victim.. You Are Love, Dear Soul!

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

kissAny tips on how to quiet “the victim” character voice in the head?

Be present… If you see this and it has to be translated in your mind then you are no more going to be in control in meditation or anything else.. You will then stare at your keyboard. Words will come to you, and you are missing it.. You are missing the silence that you are regardless of what your mind will tell you.

Do this… take your left hand and stare at it.. take time out of the equation as to say I will do this for 5 seconds.. This again is saying we will resume the regularly scheduled program of the mind making dominance be something I will do then I will allow the content of the mind to resume control. You are always in control the moment your breathing in everything you do is your primary. You take for granted that you are breathing and can’t see the love in miracle you are in any given moment. If you are constantly thinking you will always find a back door to being.. In other words you are hardly ever present for anything. How you wash the dishes, drive from one location to the next. Walk from the kitchen to the bedroom.. watch tv.. all of this is never you being present unless or until you make being a priority.

It takes practice.. it takes silence… It takes being.. How much attention is paid on the functioning aspects of being? The less you will hear anything.. you will be there as the witnessing presence that you are in at this moment. How much existence is in being is it that you think away where you miss the most profound deepness of isness. This points to being.. Your essence, your truth, your no need to analyze it and your being with it in all moments to include this moment here and now. How much pain is ever released? and then you swim again realizing it was a blink that pain called to, not an actual existence you need to keep as your mind made glimpse of existence. You are more in there inside you.. This is a super power you can claim without any need to make it something else.. God like you become… God is always silent, leading by example… Is this not the truth?


Beyond this identity in all moments, you are already the next.. Just don’t seek the physical knowing to understand this truth.


Love deeply,



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