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Support Women Artists Sunday: Louise And The Pins

Posted on the 07 October 2012 by Juliez
Support Women Artists Sunday: Louise And The Pins

Armed with her pin-up curls, husky tones and wistful melodies, Louise Hull is bringing a touch of classic 50s glamour to the world of the singer-songwriter.

Add to this a splash of Johnny Cash, a flicker of Americana and two harmonious backing singers – Bethan Gorman and Sara Templeman – and you’ve got Louise & the Pins; a show-stopping trio with an ear for a tune.

Louise left her hometown aged 18 and headed up to Newcastle University, where she had a place studying French and Spanish. In a simple twist of fate, she found herself surrounded by musicians and was able to hone her songwriting skills and indulge her love of folk. But where her enthusiasm for music flourished, her passion for academia floundered and she left to pursue a musical career in London.

Setting up shop in a poky flat in Ladbroke Grove, she relentlessly toured the live circuit as a solo artist before enlisting the help of two backing singers, Bethan – who she met whilst performing as a backing singer herself for a mutual friend – and then burlesque dancer Sara, on Bethan’s recommendation.

Louise describes her sound as rockabilly with a strong torch singer element. “I want to bring people into my world,“ she opines. “I want to hurt their hearts and I want to create music that makes people feel something; real music.”

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Bell Jar

Melancholy (at Apocalypstick feat. Laura Marling)

Louise and the Pins on iTunes: Louise and the Pins

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