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Support the Campaign to Make a Bald Barbie

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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For a nice change I read a very postive article in The Sun newspaper today. After a campaign on Facebook, there could soon be a bald Barbie doll coming to our shelves. While a bald doll may not sound very appealing, the support of this doll would be beneficial to many.


A child who has lost her hair to cancer has to play with beautiful locks of hair on dolls, so why should there not be a doll who looks just like them?


What is harder for a child to accept? To acknowledge what cancer is or to sit back and watch their hair fall out? Not only are they robbed off health, they loose some identity, becoming bare. For people to stare at, to be pointed at?


Cancer has touched my family. It is a subject close to my own heart.


I personally would buy this doll. It also teaches our own children that just because another child may look different, they too are just as beautiful.


BARBIE could soon be getting her most dramatic makeover ever — by going BALD.


The hair-free doll is the idea of two women both affected by cancer who want to raise awareness for children with the disease.

Rebecca Sypin and Jane Bingham launched a Facebook page titled “Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let’s see if we can get it made” in December.

The online movement, which asks toy makers Mattel to create a new bald Barbie, now boasts over 83,000 fans.

Rebecca’s 12-year-old daughter Kin Inich lost her hair after getting chemotherapy to treat leukemia.

Rebecca, 32, from California, admitted that the children she met during treatment often had a bad time with it. She said: “Most take the hair loss harder than the diagnosis.”

Jane, 41, from New Jersey, also lost her hair after being treated for lymphoma.

She described the emotional toll this had on her nine-year-old daughter, Belleliana, saying: “She would mimic me and she would try and wrap scarves on her head too.”

Mattel has not commented publicly on the doll proposal.

The women say they wrote to the company but Mattel replied that it does not accept ideas from outside sources.

It has also been suggested that a percentage of proceeds from the sale of the doll could go towards cancer research.

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Would you buy this doll too?

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