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Support Action Medical Research for Children

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
The lovely Paddington Bear is much loved by both of my kids and they were so happy to receive their own Paddington Bear from Action Medical Research last week.
Support Action Medical Research for Children
We often tend to take it for granted that our children are healthy yet there are many families that are not so fortunate. Today in the UK, there are hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled children who need help. For over 60 years, Action Medical Research has been saving and changing lives through medical research and have spent over £100m. Action Medical Research invests around 3 million every year by funding the very best medical research in hospitals and universities across the UK that is most likely to deliver real benefits to babies, children and young people.  Support Action Medical Research for Children

With growing recognition and support they will be able to fund even more life-changing research for some of the UK's sickest  babies and children.

Their main goals are tackling premature birth and treating sick and vulnerable babies, helping children affected by disability, disabling conditions and infections and targeting rare diseases that severely affect many forgotten children.
The video below  features 3-year-old Kylie, who has primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), a debilitating, lifelong, inherited illness which causes recurrent ear and chest infections, often leading to permanent lung damage. This is one of the conditions that Action Medical Research fund research for, helping earlier diagnosis of other children with PCD like Kylie.

 Medical research for children is unfortunately a neglected area and Action Medical Research relies entirely on public support. With increased public awareness and support, they will be able to fund even more life-changing research for some of the UK's sickest babies and children. The charity is currently funding research into conditions including Down syndrome, premature birth, epilepsy, meningitis, diabetes and rare diseases.
Every event helps fund medical research to treat sick babies and tackle premature birth, to make life better for children with disabilities and to target a group of rare diseases that together severely affect many forgotten children. Events throughout the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland include Cycling, Running, Trekking, Open Challenges, Overnight PLOD Walks, Team Challenges, Bring Your Bear, Walk for Tiny Lives, Social Events and Fairs. To find out more about different types of events in specific areas, see
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