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By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
For me, I take as long deciding on what perfume to wear as I do deciding what lipstick to wear (which takes a long ass time just FYI!). The scent I wear is probably going to be one of the first impressions I can give of myself which is important for me, because I don't always like the way I look so like to make up for it in other ways (yes, get the violins out! haha!)
I was recently sent a few products from the Superdrug Layering Lab to try out and thought I'd share my thoughts.
Superdrug Layering Lab The idea of these is that you layer a couple of fragrances to custom make your own personalised fragrance. By layering, I mean spritz one spray of 'fresh' and one of 'paradise' on the same area. Play about with the scents and you'll find one you love.
Personally, I love wearing 'Fresh' on it's own! Fresh literally smells 'fresh' - like a summer's night, which is right up my street, particularly at this time of year. Fresh contains Peony, Apple & Citrus.  I like something a little bit more warm and spicy for the winter months, but when the sun is out, I really want to have the full 'summer' feeling.
Paradise has Vanilla, Green Tea & Tangerine in it, making it quite a sweet scent. Gourmand is quite similar, it also contains Vanilla, but also has Cassis & Berries which make it a little bit more fruity.
These are only £2.99 from Superdrug and whilst I can't say I can smell them all day long, these definitely pack a punch. For £2.99 they are well worth the moolah, and let's face it, a lass can never have too many fragrances!
Have you tried these out before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
H x

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