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Super Bowl Can Increase Risks of Road Deaths–Plan, Plan, Plan

Posted on the 30 January 2014 by Caglelawfirm @ZCagle

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl SundayWhen the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday, many will huddle up to watch the game!  The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events of the year.  Millions of fans  around the globe will gather to support their favorite team, watch the commercials and just enjoy time with family and friends. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration encourages everyone to avoid "overdoing" and remembering to never let friends/guests drive intoxicated". One thing is usually a constant factor in the Super Bowl Party planning---alcohol.

If An Ingredient to a Successful Party is Alcohol--Plan  Ahead

Some Super Bowl Party Tips: Avoid Penalties
  • Don't get flagged for drinking and driving!  Have a designated driver, get a ride from a sober friend or stay where you are until you are sober even if that means staying overnight-avoid drinking and driving.
  • Play defensively--block your friends and guests from leaving if they are drunk or "buzzing"
  • If driving on Super Bowl Sunday, be sure everyone buckles up
  • Guard against distracted driving and speeding by managing your time and watching the clock. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination
  • Tackle fatigue by planning where you will sleep at the game's end. Be ALERT and SOBER when you leave
  • Keep the team together----don't allow someone to get left behind at a party
  • If you are the host, intercept your guest's car keys at the door, provide food and non alcoholic beverages, stop serving alcohol in the 3rd quarter and plan to have over night guests
  • In some states, party hosts can be penalized for guests who crash after leaving a party if they were over served, much like a dram shop case.
  • Consider alternatives to driving if weather is not good or if public transportation is available in your area
  • Many bars and clubs offer free non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers
  • Remember a DUI or an drunk driving accident can change your life and/or another's forever.
Super Bowl Sunday can easily become one of the most dangerous days on the roads, especially if the weather they are forecasting brings us snow and ice. Drive defensively and realize their will be larger numbers of intoxicated drivers on the highways. Do your part and do not be one of those drivers!

Car Accident Statistics Following  the Super Bowl

In 2003, a study of U.S. accident data uncovered a 41 percent increase in motor vehicle collision in the hours following the Super Bowl. The study compared 27 Super Bowl Sundays with that of the proceeding Sunday's statistics from 1975-2001. The first hour after the Super Bowl is typically the worst and jumps by 70% assuming because earlier spectators are still watching the game. The average number of people killed after the Super Bowl game was 24, up from 17 on comparative Sundays. Likewise, the number of people injured in automobile accidents jumped from 1,300 to 1,900 and the number of crashes topped 4,000 which is up from 3,000 on a normal Sunday. Researchers theorized that drinking during the game, driver fatigue because of the late hour, and distraction and disappointment among drivers whose teams lost all contributed to rise in risk factors for car accidents.  "We think it may be alcohol and fatigue and inattention, and in particular the sort of what-if conjectures and Monday morning quarterbacking that occurs" after the loss, said Dr. Donald A Redelmeier, professor of medicine. So, should you not watch the Super Bowl and live in a plastic bubble to avoid injury?  No, of course not!  I have put my message/blog on "repeat"  and it's the same message whether you are going to a Card's game, celebrating a World Series win, New Year's Ever or a wild Saturday night---Plan, Plan, Plan before you Party! Inevitably, car accidents will occur but doing your part can help reduce the number of needless accidents due to alcohol.  If you are in a car accident and have been injured, you will need legal representation. Our attorneys understand that car accidents can often times be multi-faceted events and you have many concerns after an accident such as your physical well-being and property damage.  If you have been injured, being sure that you are compensated for your injuries can make the difference between a difficult road to recovery or a nearly impossible road to recovery because of medical costs and loss of work time.  For a free consultation, call one of our expert personal injury attorneys, locally (314) 276-1681 or toll free (800) 685-3302 Sources:  Super Bowl Party Safety Tips  Super Bowl Sunday Safety Tips. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Super Bowl Brings Rise in Road Deaths: Canadian Study. Ottawa Citizen. 1/23/03 (p.A12)  

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