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Sunshine Filled Afternoons | Beach Scenes

By India Struthers @India_Alexandra

portobello beachThere is nothing quite like looking out of your window and seeing endless blue skies and the sun streaming forth. Then, just to make it better, you step outside and … wait for it … it’s warm and the wind is a soft summer’s breeze instead of a sharp nipping.  What does one do in this situation? The beach, go to the beach, and in our case that would be Porty Beach as it is affectionately known. “The Hat” made its appearance known, but would it be any other way? Sun hats, sand, sun and the suntan lotion; what a beautiful way to while away the early afternoon hours. It takes me back to all those childhood stories of The Famous Five, Secret Seven, Milly – Molly – Mandy and of course my little Start – Rite sandals (which I had in both white and red). Nowadays though, this is accompanied by some chilled wine, a flask of tea and a little afternoon nibble. We hadn’t planned for a “picnic outing” so we quickly collected a few things and made our way laden with water backed picnic rugs, suntan lotion, cameras and smiles. In case you hadn’t realised, having both ...

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