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Sunshine and Awards

By Shegotherown @AddyGotHerOwn
Hello dears!Happy Mid-week.How was your week so far? Mine has been a bit stressful so far.My Sister is well and back home, thank you all for your wishes and concerns.I told you here that I won a couple of awards, here they are:
1.The Versatile Blogger Award from an amazing blogger friend Christine from , you should check out her blog, she is amaziiiing!Sunshine and Awards2. The Sunshine Blogger Award from the super cute and lovely Deppy from
Sunshine and Awards
As every other blog award the come with rules, so lets jump in shall we?1.The rules to the versatile blogger awarda) Thank the person that give the award and link back DONE.b)Share 7 things about yourself.1. I am a bookworm and I feel so guilty lately I have little time to read more than one good book per week.2. I went to boarding school from when I was 11 yrs old till when I became 16 and left for Greece.3. I HATE blogs with word verification with a passion, especially when I really really want to say my mind and comment, but have to almost hurt my eyes to do that. I am thinking to just ignore these kinds of blogs altogether, please if you have word verification DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.4.I had a very hard time in my first year in Greece, because people in my school practically ignore me for a whole year and I actually hated having to go a day school every morning with people that despise because of my race or colour, but I survived.5. I am a blood and organ donor, I also belong to a student voluntary group, we go around to schools and college and inform them on the benefits of  been a donor and all they need to know, we also collaborate with the university hospital and organize events on blood donations.6. I hate my super oily face and it really is annoying especially on a night out. Still searching for what works best for me.7.I work better and more efficiently when I am under pressure, it actually helps me as an athlete too.c)Share with other 15 blogger you enjoy reading and d) contact them so they will know.
So the rules to the sunshine awardI just have to answer some very fun and interview kind of way too.
  • What do you think is your purpose in life: I believe my purpose in life is to make the best of all the resources I was lucky enough to have and try to leave my mark and make people around me happy and important.
  • What is your favorite book? I have so many  that I can't choose one, but the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one of those books I never get bored of reading a thousands times over and over.
  •  What or who inspire you? Life itself , the ups and downs, the beauty and passion of life and the wonders of this miraculous work of God.
  • Do you prefer to be given a huge amount of money or time? I prefer time , because with time you can do so many thing and get money too, so best of both right?
  • What is your best feature? Persistence and I don't dwell on bad things people do to me, I believe we all make choices and everybody have the right to make a right or wrong one.
  • If you are an organ of the body, what will you be and why? The Brain, because all orders and direction come from the brain.
  • Why do you blog? Because I love to share and meet people with same interest and blogging has been tremendously amazing to me.
  • What is your biggest achievement? That I am able to have best friends I love and share a lot with them, even though they  now live in different continents, and still nothing change in our relationships.
  • Who is your hero and role model? Jesus, I am a work in progress and I am not a saint but yet I will love to attain Jesus level of love and compassion for people, without expecting anything in return.
  • If you could be anything/anyone in the world who will you be and why? I will still want to be ME,I am here for a reason and will love to accomplish that, without given up and been somebody else.
So since both award require me to share, I decided to share both award with the same bloggers, so if your blog is here it means you got both awards and if your blog is not it does not mean I do not enjoy your blog, I am just limited to nominate 15, next time right?The blogs and bloggers here are not in a random order, no preference whatsoever
1.Courtney from from from from from from from Olga from from from is is for now, if you have the time to do your post, please leave me a link below.Till next post , have fun and take care.Cheers.

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