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By Miss Cellaneous @MsCellaneousBl
Good afternoon! Happy Sunday! Sunday is at times my favorite, or least favortie day of the week. I'll tell you why:
On Sundays, nobody objects to you taking a nice nap on your grandmother's couch in the afternoon. You are free to relax and dream without a care in the world. Also, since it's the Sabboth, you mostly don't have to do any work. I feel really bad for people who have to work on Sundays: they aren't allowed to spend time going to church, or with their families. In colonial days, it was against the law to work on the Saboth.
It only becomes the worst day of the week when you have big homework, and you have to work all weekend on one thing. Like, for example, I just started on Science Fair, and I agreed to be partners with my "friend", and we were supposed to work on this one thing TOGETHER all week, but my partner never got together with me, forcing me to do it all by myself so I can have it when it is due tomorrow. Be wary of partners that only partner up with you just to make YOU do all the work and put their name on it in the end.
I hope you all enjoy Sundays, and follow God's commandment to keep His day Holy. Bless you on this Sunday, and all those to come, and talk to you soon.

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