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Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini Too)

By Heidi @missfinn
Last Friday I told you that we had been offered the use of a friend's beach house for a few days. Well, we arrived back late yesterday and I am so relaxed now that I'm having trouble getting back into all things blogging related. I completely disconnected from the online world (I didn't even use my mobile phone)and it was fantastic, just what I needed. I am so grateful to our wonderful friends, I will never forget their kindness. I think because it was impromptu and so completely unexpected that made it all the more enjoyable for us.
Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini too) Rainbow Beach
Rainbow Beach is a sleepy little beach town, just under 2 hours drive away from home. Far enough away to feel like you've been somewhere, but without the need to book a flight. Days spent sleeping in, lazing about reading books, no internet, no phone, red wine at sunset and falling asleep to the sound of the waves - heaven! I even worked up the courage to wear a bikini on the beach - the first I've worn since, well... since before I became mama to my two darling girls. I looked around the beach and there were plenty of women in bikinis and so I finally realised that it was only my own insecurity that was keeping me from wearing a bikini. Once I accepted that, I threw off my beach dress and well, my girls and my husband all loved me in my bikini, and frankly, who else matters?
Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini too) Me and Annabel, our little entertainer. Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini too) A view of the rainforest canopy from our walk to Lake Poona.
We took ourselves on a few walks while away, one big long one to Lake Poona that saw us walk over 4 kilometres. I was so proud of Chloe and Annabel, they never complained and chattered away the whole time. They were so entertaining, singing and la-la-la-ing all the while. 
Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini too) Another walk was to see Carlos Sandblow, a natural wonder or in Annabel's words - "it's the desert!" With 360 degree views, it is a unique mass of sand named by Captain Cook after one of his deck crew. It's pretty amazing and the views breathtaking. It was also a great work out walking from top to bottom and back again. I played around taking pictures of my shadow and of course, the girls made obligatory sand angels.
Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini too)  Me and my shadow. Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini too)  Annabel and Chloe making sand angels. Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini too)  The scenery on our walk to Carlos Sandblow. 
And so I came back to the world of blogging today and realised this is my first post for a new month - is it really April already? It doesn't feel like mid-Autumn here, I mean I just spent the last 5 days on a beach, the weather was hot, the water was warm and the sky a constant shade of bright blue. This is why Autumn is my favorite season. 
It's Easter this Sunday and hubby and I are trying to work out how to set up a chocolate egg hunt for our girls without our two labradors getting to the eggs first - wish us luck!
Happy Easter,

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