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By Agnes


Smokey and I've been up since 6 am this morning -- all fresh and full of energy. 

my clothes my makeup

Not sure about Smokey's reasons, but I finished up a job late last night - and it feels so incredibly good! 

It must have been close to midnight when I finally got home, so I guess it would make a lot more sense to be exhausted than to feel all perky -- but for some reason, finishing up the old and getting on with the new tends to feel the opposite of exhausting.


dinner with ernie

Dinner with my friend Ernie last night. Had a sudden downpour of summer rain, complete with a real rainbow, plus a much appreciated cold(ish) breeze… beyond relaxing I gotta say. Been seeing a lot of Ernie lately, looks like we might be working together on a project over the next few weeks, which would be awesome so fingers crossed that I book it. 


Been loving dark & smudgy eye make-up lately and have taken a simultaneous and unforeseen liking to gold lipstick as well.

Gold lipstick never fails to remind me of that almost forgotten Summer from a long long time ago, when I was young and naive and probably a lot of other even more appropriate adjectives. Bonfires remind me of that same Summer too… as does the smell of Old Spice. 


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