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By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick

I'm in total summer mindset even though it's a cool and very breezy 50 degrees here.  As a New Englander I live for the few precious beach days we get,  so I'm rounding up my top summer essentials that will be accompanying me to the sand and surf.
1- this dress/cover up 2- this towel 3- these flip flops My current Bernardo's wear like iron, totally worth every penny. 4- I just bought these babies and can say they flatter a pear shape.  They give me a little extra in the boob department, and are butt flattering.  Now if only they could give me a six pack! 5- I'm trading in my standard little beach chair for an ostrich lounger.  This one lets you read face down and is lightweight for toting to the beach. 6- These little beaded studs are just enough bling for the beach. 7- Speaking os six packs... OMG!  I might have a problem.  This grapefruit shandy is summer in a bottle. Tunes on heavy rotation, some new and old:  8- The new Little Dragon (full album drops May 13). 9- This classic.  Takes me back to high school... summer nights driving around in my friend Shannon's car in, low ridin' in a Honda.  We thought we were the shit. 10- Iggy Azalea... this girl really is the shit!   11- And when the bloat hits I picked up this tankini topper.  The lower half is sheer and very lightweight.  It's a little Peg Bundy and a whole lotta comfy.  And again it's all about lifting the girls.

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