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Summer Sunshine

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo Shimmers,Just a chitchat, cause ive been so busy i havent had time to shop or make videos or anything so running out of things at the moment...but going to edinburgh on saturday to do a spot of shopping!!It has been super sunny the last couple of days in the UK. Its been like 22c which is like a record for the uk especially in May! But im definetly not complaining, studying outside is lush am loving it. I am so excited about nearly finishing my exams and the summer holidays coming up, America be ready for lots of pink and shimmer!..its been such a stressful time so it will be so good just to be able to relax, bit of shopping, swimmig, blogging and vlogging. Summer SunshineAlso exciting news..well for me!! I'm going to be a guest blogger on which im really looking forward. Tomorrow im gonna make a couple of videos that i will then upload to youtube and then onto this blog, so keep an eye out for that and thanks to everyone for their support so far it means so much to me :)Keep the follows/subscriptions/comments coming cause i love talking to you shimmers and its good to know that you are liking the blog to :) xx

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