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Summer Solstice

By Luphil

This night at 01:09 CET the sun enters into Cancer and we celebrate Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. It is good to attune to the energies of this time. The wisdom teachings say that it is important to be vigilant during the first 20 days of Cancer, otherwise you will get slowly more imprisoned in the outside during the months to come. If we have a good inner alignment we get a reinforcement of the energies to be functioning more inside, not to go into over-actions in the outside.

Here are some thoughts from a lecture of Sri Kumar at Summer Solstice 2010 in Königswinter, Germany:

The first 20 days of Cancer are said to be the great serpent, the dragon called Aslesha. It is the great dragon or great serpent. If you miss to align you fall directly into the mouth of the great serpent and get out only through the tail. At the end of Scorpio and the beginning of Sagittarius there is the eagle, the mula, you are released out of the deadlock of the year. This solstice not only gives a possibility of the purposes of the day, but also the purposes of life. When we have to follow into unknown ways, it is better to follow someone who knows the way. Finding it oneself can be a waste of life, energy. That is why there is the help of the teacher.”

The wisdom teachings say that the solar God of fire comes to the lunar mansion of the Goddess in Cancer. Cancer is the cardinal sign relating to the Mother, where there is the reception of the Father into the Mother’s house. Cancer is also known as the sun sign related to the birth of the souls into the bodies. This I tried to illustrate in the picture on Cancer: The Moon is the reflective principle receiving and transmitting energies from higher circles. The lunar energies help with the descent of the souls and building the layers of the embryo in the mother’s womb. The earth is the mother which nourished us – we must take care not to spoil the basis of our life. You find more pictures on the symbolism of the zodiacal signs in the series Images of Synthesis.

Summer Solstice

Cancer – The Mother and the Birth of the Soul into the Body

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