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Summer Problems

Posted on the 07 June 2013 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

When it finally warms up outside we open our windows and enjoy not having to pay for heat or running the air conditioner.  We like to only use the air conditioner once it gets into the 90s to help with our energy bill.  It can get pretty warm in the afternoon since our house faces the west and we don’t have big trees in the front to shade the house, but overall it is not bad.

The biggest issue with this choice is noise pollution.  Around the same time we are able to open our windows people start mowing their lawns.  To me this is the most obnoxious noise.  We also have to listen to cars, sirens, and airplanes flying overhead.  None of the noises are great, but listening to people mow their lawns drives me crazy.  The more I think about it, the more I get annoyed.  They are using gasoline to mow their lawns, which adds to air pollution.  The whole idea of having a front yard and a backyard filled with grass to me seems like a waste.  Mainly a waste of water, especially when Denver is in a severe drought.  Even though we are in a drought we are still allowed to water our lawns, albeit only twice a week.

It seems that if water conservation was actually a serious thing, we would not be able to water our lawns.  Xeriscaping should be more popular around here since it is hot and dry in the summer, but for some reason Americans think having a big green lawn is part of the American dream.  My American dream is to make sure everyone has plenty of water to live, not for their grass.  But really my issue is with listening to lawn mowers constantly throughout the week.  I feel like everyday I wake up there is one going.  I guess it is just a part of summer, or choosing to not use the air conditioner.

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