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Summer: on Repeat

By Alustforallseasons @bgstrzelczyk

Summer: on repeat Every summer, I:   

Watch: Blue Crush  Admittedly this is a very crappy movie, however, it never fails to get me pumped up for summer. It's filled with cheesy music, a tanned and ridiculously fit Kate Bosworth, and lots of half-naked people. It's awesome.
Read: Summer Sisters I've read this book every single summer since I was 15, and there's a good chance that if we ever meet in person I will bring up this book and pressure you to read it. 
Eat: Watermelon One of my earliest summer memories is sitting in my backyard on a super hot day, eating watermelon with my mom and brother. I remember it being glorious.
Drink: Dunks' Iced Coffee I live in Boston. This stuff is everywhere. And it's 10 times stronger than their hot coffee so it may make your heart race. It's fine. It's summer!
Do you have any summer traditions? I'd love to add some to my list!

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