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Summer of 2012 Recap

By Adventuresinamyland

Summer of 2012 RecapWas very pleasantly surprised by a trip to the Balkans and now tell everyone and their grandma to get to Croatia.

Saw some sleeping beauties in Brighton.

Found out that I am definitely not a music festival person and will definitely never ever be signing up for that extavaganza ever again at Pitchfork.

Got caught in a giant thunderstorm in SoHo, ate yummy Bahn Mi, didn’t even post about the 9/11 memorial because it was so awful, and encountered some weather that was indeed gloriously dismal.

Was terrified of getting picked on at Second City comedy club throughout the entire three acts. No seriously, I had abdominal pain walking out of that place.

Summer of 2012 Recap

Spent one to many hours at Union Station in the wee hours of the morning waiting for the train home.

Followed the Couch-to-5K training schedule awesome-ly for weeks one through five, had a remedial week six, and then finished the whole training! Woop! never quite got around to finishing.

Pretty much read the collected works of Louisa May Alcott and made it through “the best Catholic novel of the 20th century,” Brideshead Revisited. Alcoholism, art, and the British aristocracy? Now that’s a religion I can get on board with!

Figured out what the deal is with Americans and ice.

Learned what clear vistas mean in terms of urban planning while in Portland with my aunt.

Was the designated driver for my 21st birthday which was spent at the Elgin Riverboat Casino per my request. Yeah, the seedy one. But they have slot machines!



Goodness gracious I just love how productive I look when I put it down on paper. I must remember to do this more often.

I’ve got exactly one week until I head to Denver. Like everyone else I’m annoyed at the packing situation, but with some perseverance I’m sure I’ll pull through.

Over and out.

Amy x


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