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Summer Intentions

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley

Summer Intentions
I woke up this morningafter allowing myselfthe deliciousness of sleeping inthinking that
I need to be making my Summer Special.
Summer Intentions
And by specialI meanMore Magical.
The magic that I felt as a young girl.
My favorite summers ever were filled with slow daystons of bookscreative projects done outsidelong sunset walksfollowed by ice cream cones with my family.
Everyday felt exciting with possibilityof what could be.
And what was.
So much of it  was the luxury of timeand the new places and ideas that came from the books I devoured.
Summer Intentions
Because I woke up with the idea of Making My Summer More MagicalI allowed myself the time tonot only read but savor
Icon Accidental's blog today.
It wasn't just her post about Summer Hoursit was all of it.
Her thought provoking writingsher tales of her daily in NYCreminded me how much I use to love to READ.
To learn new thingsjust for fun.
Summer Intentions
When my kids were littleI prided myselfon making their summers special.
Always striving for that balance of slow days withnew outings.
I was Intentional with our Summer Days.That is what I have lost sight ofSummer Intention.
For me it's about giving myself permissionnot to push so hard 'To Get Things Done.
Too much ofMy Self Worthcomes form getting 'things' done.
But the 'things'are beginning to feel like a hamster wheel of mundane productivity.
Summer Intentions
My new idea ofSummer Intentionsfor myselfisn't about big changes at all.
More about giving myself permissionto do lessand appreciate  moreall the small wonders of summer.
So much of what I'm trying to say I am realizing is to simply Appreciate this Season.Both literally and figuratively.
To slow down enoughto be presentsin the magical momentsthat make up my life.
Maybeit's as simple as 
just letting  myselfBe Happy.
Summer Intentions
As always my friends
I wish you love and joyas you style your life

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