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Summer in the South.

By Megthamama
I love our backyard oasis. 

However, am I the only one who feels the need to wear a bee suit just to swing my child or grill burgers?!?

So- this summer, I have been on the hunt on how to keep mosquitos away from me. And, my child. Before you type the words "just use bug spray"......I don't like wearing bug spray. Sometimes after we all shower and the weather is cool, we like to do a 7:30 or 8pm swing or walk in the hood. I don't want to load up on the bug spray just to then wear it to bed. So, I'm on the hunt for some natural options here. 

Option #1:

Summer in the South.

These arrived in the mail. 

I was skeptical at first. I made H use one during one of our walks in the neighborhood and I didn't. I wanted to conduct a very scientific experiment. He didn't get bit, but I did. 

The next day, we both used them, and I still got bit. I'm not gonna say don't buy them just yet....but, I need more help understanding how a bandana will keep bugs away from me. 

I'm gonna give them another go. 

Apparently they:

- repel mosquitos, ticks, ants, flies
-they last through 70 washings 
-have been treated with insect shield permethrin repellent

**I gave them another go. Then, H removed my bandana that I had hanging out of the pocket of my shorts and he gave it to Jax. My legs were then bitten 50-11 times by mosquitos. 

Option #2

Dryer sheets. 

I bought the cheap Kroger brand dryer sheets that I rubbed on our legs and arms. I figure they can help us smell better too! Right?!?

Option #3
Summer in the South.

This $9 bottle of bug spray works long as you spray EVERY exposed area of skin. I sprayed my legs, but I have a bite on my arm. 

While it says it's Deet-Free, it still has a smell and it left me feeling sticky. Granted, it could have been the 120% humidity we have down in Mississippi too?!? 

Don't make fun of this mama, but I may be sporting some of the bandanas. I may just tie one on each arm and leg while attending a BBQ in a seersucker dress and wedges. Once you reach the summer months, no one really cares what you look like anyway......right?!?

Do you use a product that doesn't make you look like a crazy safari woman? Or do you have a favorite bug spray? If so, do please share! 

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