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Summer at Aba House

By Aba
The world didn't come to an end (as predicted) on May 21, so we are going ahead with our summer plans.Summer programs at Aba House are in session from July 11 -Sept. 21.
This is the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps which started in Ghana. There is a big party planned in Accra at the end of August and we are hosting some RPCV's. If you're looking for someplace to stay, consider our guest house across the street from the ocean.
We are no longer with EARHTLINK , so don't use any of our emails that end in [email protected] will reach us.
Recently we participated in a book launch party with BOOKS OF HOPE. A wonderful organization in Boston that works with children who have come from Haiti. The children write and publish books of poetry and prose... very empowering. Our long term goal is to have them collaborate with our kids in Ghana. www.booksofhope-ma.orgWhen different cultures connect, it's a win win situation for everyone.
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