SUMMARY: DEXIS—A Dental Practice’s Driving Force

Posted on the 26 July 2011 by Jon Baucom @SidekickMag

Cedric Chenet, DDS, tried many different X-ray systems before he
encountered DEXIS. The DEXIS sensor has rounded corners, is the most comfortable for patients, and the image quality and software has its persuasive benefits. For Dr. Chenet, switching to digital X-rays produced better image clarity and created improvements in viewing detail.  The clarity in images is important because it improves the ability to diagnose dental conditions and explain it to the patient. DEXIS images instantaneously pop up on the computer monitor, whereas before dentists had to spend time developing the X-rays and cleaning up before and after.  With DEXIS, Dr. Chenet can perform what he refers to as “co-diagnosis,”
the ability to sit side-by-side with the patient, and discuss his or her case right
then and there, while looking at the monitor with the X-rays together.  It makes dental treatment easier for both dentist and patient, because both can see the information on the screen, and then decide upon the recommended treatment.  DEXIS makes diagnosis easier, saves time, and results in better dental care as well as an improved office experience for the patients.

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