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Sum Up Summer

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers
I decided to take this opportunity to sum up summer.
The summer holidays for me this year were fantastic. My first ever time in America, Florida was just amazing, I was One If not the best holiday I have ever been on. Hopefully I will be going back soon. Between the shopping, the food and the Parks it was outstanding and a definite memorable experience.
I also visited my Auntie, Uncle and my two baby cousins in Ireland, which was lovely because we hadn't seen them in a while.
Had a laugh and did stuff with my friends like shopping, the cinema and Nandos :) My bestest friend is off to uni this year so we did lots of days out together. We went shopping, cinema, she came to mine and we sat on the trampoline the whole day!!
Sad news this summer was the death of my baba... My beautiful amazing bunny rabbit, Sootie. He was the best pet in the world, gonna miss him like mad :(
We had our higher results (AACCC) I was over the moon with mine, now doing the university open day tour!! There seems to be one every week, but they are really good to go to and I will do a round up of the universities I visit and rate them and all that jazz!
In general I have had a pretty relaxed few summer months (minus exams and Sootie :( ) I love summer, it's a time to chill out with friends and family and to soak up a little bit of the sun... When it comes out! (never as seemed to be the case this year, so glad we went to the USA!!)
How was your summer and I hope your are all well and doing good, please leave links and comments below. Follow my blog if you like it, thanks :)
Laura xx

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