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Sugar-Free Dessert Challenge: China Grass Pudding with Nuts.

Posted on the 28 November 2015 by Amreen Shaikh @Amu1312

Indeed, I always have room for desserts, no matter how much I eat. My mom is a great cook, but above everything, she is a dessert-expert, and just everyone enjoys her sweet experiments. We always look forward to the month of Ramadhan, when everyday, among the variety of spicy dishes, we have relishing desserts to hog on to at the end.

Recently, I started to learn a few of her special desserts and I am already enjoying the simplicity that goes into it, apart from the sweet dose of taste which accompanies. My all-time favorite dessert is 'China Grass Pudding with Nuts'. To tell you a secret, this is the most famous recipe of my mom and just everybody have a special liking towards it.

China grass is a kind of gelatin which is extracted from Sea weed, and available in the form of strands or powder, mainly used for making jellies, puddings and custard. It is good for health and a body-coolant during summer.

I'm using ' Bright Star' China Grass, you can buy from any company you feel like. Also, I'll be using Sugar-free Natura in place of Sugar.

Sugar-Free Dessert Challenge: China Grass Pudding with Nuts.


  • Made from sugar and tastes like sugar
  • does not contain the useless calories of sugar
  • contains Sucralose, the latest international zero calorie sweetener
Sugar-Free Dessert Challenge: China Grass Pudding with Nuts.
  • In a wide vessel, put all the ingredients- Milk, China Grass, Sugar Free Natura and Everest Milk masala, in quantity mentioned above and put to boil on high flame.
  • Keep stirring the mixture from start, until it thickens.
  • Check if the mixture gets sticky and then put it off the flame.
  • Let it cool.
  • Add khoa (Milk Solids) in the mixture and then grind it well in the mixer.
  • Once done, pour the mixture in moulds or a large tray, as per your wish.
  • Sprinkle finely cut almonds, cashew nuts or raisins,
  • The mixture will automatically start to form and get firmer within 10-20 minutes
  • Keep it in a cool place or the fridge, as per our desire.
  • Finally, serve them and have a great time!

Share your views on the recipe or what your favorite desserts are, I am all ears.

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