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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Many people assume that ' suffrage' applies only to women. However it took a shocking war with the maiming and slaughter of thousands of men to finally give all men the vote. After this was the catalyst for women to demand equal rights...and often with horrific consequences...just as it was for young men who demanded a vote pre 1st WW.
For conscription labelled all young men over the age of 18 as acceptable for the armed forces...they had no choice. To rebel against this was seen as cowardice and treason, to be sent for trial , to be shunned and vilified by family, friends, community and country.
These men had no political vote, no say in political matters. Only if one had status and indeed property could they vote and have political representation.
It didn't happen in a rush either, but was introduced in stages. Firstly age was considered, then property ownership..till finally all men could vote.
So it was that women's suffrage began ...after all during the 1st WW although women were never considered for armed service they had taken over jobs that men were " released " from. Often these jobs were incredibly dangerous e.g. In the " Devil's Porridge Factory" near Gretna, and arduous e.g. Farming duties and manufacturing warfare.
I always insist that women of all ages use their vote as it was long fought over, but consider firstly that men had an equally hard struggle to achieve the vote. Also don't forget that many many places in the world still omit women from the voting procedure.
   I'm going to just jot down a quick few lines. Totally unwritten as a goes.
      Stand up and be counted both women and men.
      Stand up and be counted vote now and
      Then, so don't complain of the choice that was made.
      You were asked to attend the polling station
      And to cast your vote with the rest of the nation...
      You didn't go ? Then shame on you
      For others died to give you a choice
      They relied on YOU -their future voice.
      So if you now moan and groan.
      It's your own fault - you alone!
      You had a right that was denied
      To thousands of men who fought and died.
      Stand up and be counted...the young men of the past never could.
  Well, that's it...unprepared and unchanged..thanks for reading ..Kath 
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