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Such a Strange Week

By Agnes

Time is moving at such an odd pace this week. Like I am in a different time stream or something. It's been overcast, with the lack of sunlight making every hour of the day feel the same, creating sort of an off-beat mood which (I think?) I like. 

Otherwise not much is new, I am about to make a cup of jasmine tea here then go meet Ernie for a cup of coffee. 

Been drinking a lot of tea lately. Tea & rain go well together.

jasmine tea

This particular jasmine tea is so great. So aromatic! 

If I had to give up coffee that's what I'd be drinking all the time. Or chai with cinnamon:

chai and cinnamon

For the record, nails & chai aren't matching on purpose (duh) -- other than that I've been loving everything coffee-colored lately, and that does include nails. 

brown lace dress

Love browns so very much.

And grays. I imagine grays and browns are to me what pink is to most of the female populace.

i love everything brown

What a slow week. Been feeling so old (found my very first gray hair the other day so I guess I am officially old but that's not what I am talking about… just this general sluggishness the week's been). Looks like the sun is out this morning though, hope it dries up the seats on the patio by the time I get to the cafe.

Until next time.




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