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Success! Whatever It Takes. (as Long as We Don't Loose Money)

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
Brain Overload.
System Malfunction.
If I did not REALLY need a vacation before today, I seriously do now.
I try to do the school a favor. I take into consideration that a classroom of students need to concentrate and learn. I also take faculty and staff into consideration when Eli has terrible days.
I have made the choice 7 days this school year to keep Eli home when I felt it was in his best interest as well as the schools. It was clearly thought out. My strategy worked perfectly. I have great communication with his teacher and we keep his school work up to date so he does not fall behind. Our plan was working perfectly for everyone. Everyone, except for the gentleman who hold the position of "Director of Pupil Personnel & District Operations."
I was fortunate enough to receive a lovely letter in the mail today stating my child was a habitual truant and I'm subject to court proceedings. This letter came on stationary that states in bold letters at the bottom "SUCCESS! WHATEVER IT TAKES."
 Really? Is that so? Pardon me while I laugh hysterically.
I'm curious how this falls under the ADA. Check out the link.
Feel free to weigh in. My thought is I should be able to use my own discretion without having to get a doctors note every single time I keep him home.

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